Wednesday, December 12, 2007

computer woes

Interesting that I took the time to upload all of my photos "in case". My computer is now dead.

About a year ago, a certain baby loved to open my CD drive. She liked to push the little button and watch the drawer open. Once when the drawer was open the laptop was dropped. The CD drive door - and the connections to the hard drive - broke.

I contacted a friend/relative about the issue and he said that it would cost as much as the computer was worth to repair it. He said that it may continue to boot off and on (and we learned a little trick to help the computer to bypass the CD drive), but eventually it would die.

And it has.

So updating might be slow...I'm using my girlfriend's old Sony Vaio - and while I'm grateful for something, I know a new computer is on the horizon. I'd love to get a MAC this time and not deal with all the spyware and viruses. Anyone have leads on an inexpensive iBook? My birthday is in a week - anyone interested in my Amazon Wish List? (Hey, I'm not shy about putting it out there!)

My Wish List

It's been a sweet, slow time in the land of birth. Two first time moms, due around Christmas and New Year's, await their babies. Our appointment days continue to be full and I'm grateful, so grateful, for such amazing families to journey with.

Life is good. I'm just a bit quiet. Hibernating with the family. Will update more later.