Tuesday, February 19, 2008

midwifery - practice of medicine?

I am limited in my online time and it feels like anything I write or respond to never quite conveys my initial intention. Two year old distractions, a 13 year old wanting to look at the latest YouTube craze - it all takes me away from getting my thoughts down succinctly. Bear with me.

Here are a couple looks at the concept of midwifery as the practice of medicine - and why some view it as not the same.

(What is interesting to me is that the most vocal opponents of homebirth midwifery are not doctors - they are the nurses unions/associations. I find this interesting mainly because I view RNs as the single make/break of a positive birth experience in the hospital. RNs, to me, are in a tough spot because they see the action of someone else causing reactions that they are witness to. I know that many RNs in L&D are HUGE patient advocates, to the point where they will hold off calling docs or stretching the truth a bit in conveying progress in order to help a woman maintain control over her birth experience. Having had numerous experiences with RNs - including attending homebirths for them - I know the truth about what frustrations many deal with on a day-to-day basis. I think that much of this coincides with the negative feelings about homebirth midwifery. I'd like to hear more from RNs on this, for sure!)

Midwifery is Not the Practice of Medicine

North American Registry of Midwives' Position Paper on the Practice of Midwifery

I really, honestly appreciate the willingness of people to push me, to challenge my thoughts. This is the sort of thing that moves the truth forward and clarifies intention. It also brings us together with similar goals in mind - and for that, I'm grateful.