Thursday, March 6, 2008

flying high!

Off to the Trust Birth Conference!

Two of my clients birthed on a heavy, thirteen minute shoulder dystocia and full CPR to a 12lb 12oz baby girl. Later that evening, a baby boy's arrival that happened so fast I missed it by five minutes.

The big baby is doing well - she responded quickly to resuscitation (a benefit of moms who are unmedicated and delayed cord clamping!) and EMTs were called before she was out. I have had one other shoulder dystocia in my practice but somehow that seemed less daunting than this (maybe it was my memory that has failed? perhaps I have forgotten the flood of emotions during and after?). I cannot imagine how doctors do it with women who are numb from the waist down perched on the edge of narrow, high beds. Certainly the mobility of the mom helped to birth this baby. I've always heard that if your hands don't hurt the next day it wasn't a true shoulder dystocia. I cannot clearly recall my previous experience, but I can say that for the past two days my fingers, my wrists, my arms, even my legs are aching. Baby has bruising and initially we thought I had broken her clavicle, but after the paramedic and I looked at her more closely we determined that there were no broken bones. Other than screaming for three hours, she physically recovered well.


I'm grateful for a fabulous assistant midwife who is quick in emergent situations - and has a strong trust in birth. I am also grateful for the quick arrival of EMS and their willingness to assist us in whatever way we needed during the transition.

I really need this time away...looking forward to updating as the conference moves on - and taking pictures!