Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Link time!

I wanted to create a list of some of my favorite blogs and websites. Hopefully some will inspire you!

Jennifer Block's blog (author of Pushed)

The True Face of Birth

Tina Cassidy's blog (author of Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born)

Hathor the Cow Goddess

Radical Midwife (in the making)
- the title is misleading. There is no 'in the making' - this is my wonderful apprentice/assistant and she came to my practice already a radical midwife! She was, and still remains to be, an inspiration to me

The Human Pacifier

The Lactivist

Jennifer Tipton's blog

Now for some non-birth-related links: - inspires me to no end!

Curiosity Shoppe

Fred Flare

Craft Zine

Miranda July

The Blow

K Records
(Tender Forever is my new favorite find!)