Thursday, November 22, 2007

last baby of November!

Thanksgiving day brings gratitude to a first-time mom patiently waiting for her baby two weeks past the 'due date'.

Was called last night at 10.30pm, drove to their house (about an hour and 20 mins north of us), got lost, arrived at 12.20am - quick and furious labor saw their 7lb 5oz baby boy born into his father's hands in the water at 3.32am.

This beautiful baby boy was 'diagnosed' with a two vessel cord in pregnancy - and while his growth was right on for dates, they received anxiety and pressure from their physician to induce early (very rarely do two-vessel cords cause issues, but it's always something to keep in mind in regards baby's growth). Eventually they decided that the birth they wanted for their baby wasn't going to happen in the hospital. At 35 weeks, prior to leaving for Kauai on vacation for a week, they hired me as their midwife. The remainder of her pregnancy was uneventful with a strong baby, continued growth, fabulous reactivity and constant movement.

Now they can actually put that sweet boy in his Thanksgiving outfit! The cord definitely had two vessels, but her placenta was gorgeous and healthy.

Came home around 7am, grabbed a few hours rest and now am getting ready for the guests to arrive.

Happy Thanksgiving!