Tuesday, November 13, 2007

waterbirth in the media

ABC's Private Practice, a spin-off from Grey's Anatomy (which I love, but not as much as ER), is featuring a waterbirth...looks like at home? The clip of the waterbirth was fast, though it looked like it could be in the hospital...but there are candles involved (hospitals can't allow candles because of the presence of oxygen).

Either way, Addison (the main OB/Gyn) is a quick-to-cut doc (her birth scenes in Grey's were almost laughable)...I wonder what this experience will be like. They're likely to have some 'emergency' like meconium (remember The L Word's attempted home waterbirth turned cesarean because of meconium while Tina was pushing?) or something else. It has to be dramatic.

Normal birth can be so boring for TV. Ha!

(Thanks to my apprentice/assistant for this heads up)